Our Mandate

To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.

Strategic Foundation

LASPNET exists to coordinate and harmonize/standardize legal aid services provided by the different service providers. Our mandate is to build and strengthen the technical competencies of the members to deliver quality legal aid services to vulnerable people in Uganda.


  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Co-operation
  • Excellence
  • Non Discrimination
  • Professionalism


An effective and professional legal system that is accountable, affordable, sustainable and accessible for all.


To strengthen access to justice for all by utilizing the synergies of legal aid service providers.

Strategic Objectives

1. Policy Advocacy and Strategic Engagement:

To Develop and promote a policy environment that is conducive to legal aid

1.1.  Lobby and advocate for a National Legal aid Policy
1.2.  Create awareness of existing legal aid service programmes
1.3.  Promote activities that will ensure efficient coordination between legal aid service providers
1.4.  Lobby  government  and  communities  to  integrate  and  mainstream  legal  aid  services  in  the
existing programs

2. Human and Institutional Capacity Development:

To build and strengthen the network for effective service delivery

2.1.  Strengthen the existing capacity building initiatives and professional capacities of members
2.2.  Identify the capacity building gaps to be addressed in legal aid service provision
2.3.  Fully engage all stakeholders in legal aid service provision
2.4.  Convene regular meetings for LASPNET members
2.5.  Create linkages with the policy makers and management of the justice delivery institutions

3. Creativity and Innovation Management:

To establish and implement management structures to operationalise LASPNET programmes

3.1.  Establish a mechanism for attracting and retaining qualified dedicated staff
3.2.  Develop a performance based human resource manual for LASPNET
3.3.  Establish a mechanism for regulating and guiding members
3.4.  Generate ideas to build innovative programmes

4. Resource Mobilization and Deployment:

To establish and Maintain reliable sources of funding for the Network

4.1.  Diversify LASPNET’s sources of funding to strengthen its secretariat and activities
4.2.  Mobilise resources for improvement of legal aid service provision
4.3.  Support the members to adequately provide services to the indigent persons
4.4.  Ensure accountability and transparency in order to promote sustainability

5. Knowledge and Information Management:

To Develop and promote an information and knowledge management system.

5.1.  Build a robust mechanism for effective creation and capture of knowledge content
5.2.  Develop structures that enhance access to the knowledge and information repositories
5.3.  Position knowledge to influence relations, systems, policies, processes, and services
5.4.  Support learning to guide future actions and improve the existing intellectual property
5.5.  Measure, assess, and document the impact of ongoing knowledge management efforts


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