Our Mandate

To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.

Salient issues from the Gender Audit Report

In April 2013, LASPNET volunteered to take a Gender Audit with the Objectivity of exploring and analyzing it effectiveness in carrying out the steps necessary for engendering its programmes and projects and mainstreaming into all its institutional activities. The main purpose of the gender audit was to assess the extent to which gender has been mainstreamed into current policies, programmes, organizational structure and procedures, and promote learning on how to effectively implement gender mainstreaming in different aspects of the network including its membership. The audit results were expected to serve as inputs into future formulation of internal policies, programme strategies, and organizational structures across the membership. It will further provide a strong basis on which to broaden the secretariat's ability to incorporate a gender dimension in all its coordination structures and systems.


Strategic partners



The Legal Aid Service Providers Network (LASPNET) is a national member NGO established in 2004 to provide strategic linkages and a collaboration framework for the Legal Aid Service Providers and maintain a common front to interface with various actors in the Justice, Law and Order Sector in Uganda. It targets three critical aspects of coordination: a collective role bringing together different LASPs for solidarity in strategizing, sharing lessons and experiences, while minimizing duplication; capacitating them through collaborative research and analysis ; as well as documenting, providing needed feedback, and amplifying voice on key issues regarding access to justice/legal aid at regional, national or international level.

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