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To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.


On 23rd October 2020, LASPNET convened its 11th Annual General Meeting at Hotel Africana in which a new governing Board of Directors for the year 2020-2022 was elected. The General Assembly is the highest policy organ of the Network, and is convened each calendar year. It was a hybrid event with both physical and virtual participation. A total of 74 (42 Male: 32 Female) participants who included LASPNET members and Staff of the Network attended the AGM.

Additionally, the General Assembly was graced with the presence of two of the Network’s Honorary members namely Hon. Justice Remmy Kasule, Justice of the Court of Appeal and Chairperson Emeritus of the Uganda Law council as well as Mr. Musa Modoi, the JLOS Technical Advisor on Human Rights and Accountability.

In her Report, the outgoing Chairperson Ms. Sandra Oryema, appreciated the Membership, her fellow Board members, Management and Staff for the rendered support during her tenure of office which begun on 26th October 2018. She alluded to the achievements under her stewardship which include establishment and operationalization of the Call center; setting up a Situational room; establishment of a more vibrant Legal Rapid response program and celebrating LASPNET at 15years.

The CEO, Dr. Sylvia Namubiru Mukasa presented the Progress report for the year 2019/2020 which highlighted various milestones achieved by the Network. These included among others the launch of the Lwengo Legal Aid Model; Establishing a partnership with the International Development Law Organization (IDLO); Convening strategic meetings on the Legal Aid Law as well as the rejuvenation of the Social Web Application among others. She concluded her presentation by taking special recognition of the vibrant Secretariat team as the foot soldiers who work tirelessly to implement the Network’s mandate under her stewardship.

LASPNET staff pose for a photo with the CEO (center front) and the Outgoing Board (back)

In reaction to the Chairperson and progress report, members expressed deep appreciation to the Board, Management and Staff for the tremendous work done. They specially commended LASPNET for being at forefront and ensuring amplification of voices for Legal Aid and Access to Justice for the poor and vulnerable. Particularly to the CEO, members applauded her transformative leadership and sacrificial service exhibited since she joined the organization. The former Chairperson, Mr. Samuel Herbert Nsubuga, particularly in his remarks noted that since the current CEO joined LASPNET, it has been greatly transformed and continues to grow and shine as one of the influential CSOs in Uganda. Members gave positive feedback about the performance of the Secretariat specifically highlighting the innovations in facilitating Access to Justice especially during the lockdown such as the Rapid Response project. They further thanked LASPNET for the work done in empowering members and increasing their visibility.

Other consideration at the meeting included receiving and approving the Audited accounts for the year, 2019-2020, approval of Osilo & Co. as the institutional Auditors for the period 2020/2021. Further, a membership report was presented and discussed and arising out the report was the admission of two new organizations who include Legal Hub Uganda (also winners of the Second Legal Aid Innovations Conference) and Women with a Mission. The new members also received their certificates of Membership which signifies that they are now formally registered into the Network. In addition, during the AGM, a resolution was adopted to deregister three inactive organizations with no traceable offices, these were Teso Legal Aid Project (TLAP): Defence for Children International (DCI) and Law and Governance Advocates Uganda (LAWU). The AGM further agreed to have Article 7 (5) (c) of the Constitution amended to provide for procedures to follow in a scenario where an electoral position has remained vacant at the AGM and where a position fells vacant before the term of office lapses.

The elections presided over by Mr. Musa Modoi ushered in Mr. Arthur Nsereko of Public Interest Law Clinic as the Chairperson; Ms. Sheila Muwanga as the Vice Chairperson, Ms. Elizabeth Kemigisha as  General secretary; Ms. Nakulira Grace as Treasurer; Ms. Grace Nasasiira as Western Regional Representative, Ms. Annet Kharuri as Eastern Regional Representative; Ms. Flavia Zalwango as the Central Regional Representative and Mr.Vicent Mutonerwa as the Member on Merit seconded by the outgoing Board of Directors. Specific to note is that the position of Chairperson, Treasurer, Vice President and Central Region Representative were unopposed,

On the other hand, and in honour of their excellent service for the period of 2018-2020, certificates were awarded to the outgoing Board. Further in in a bid to encourage the involvement of LASPNET’s membership, Community Justice and Anti-Corruption Forum (CJAF) was awarded a plaque of Appreciation for their diligent participation in the LASPNET activities for the period 2019 to 2020, FIDA- U was also awarded as the most Active member in the utilization of the LASPNET Integrated Information Management System (IIMS). These awards were presented by Hon. Justice Remmy Kasule who applauded the recipients for their unwavering support to the Network.

FIDA (right) and CJAF (left) receive their accolades of appreciation

It is also important to highlight the key recommendations arising out of the 11th AGM which among others include: Encouraging the Network to forge partnerships; Empower Khadi Courts in order to ensure diversity in justice; Embracing innovative approaches to ensure sustainability of the Network and its membership including convening learning from each other sessions. In addition, members were encouraged to pay their subscription as part of the sustainability plan for the Network; and to consider saving LASPNET funds on the development account into a fixed account or treasury bonds.

In his closing remarks, Hon. Justice Remmy Kasule accentuated that Uganda’s context is tainted with impunity and hence presents special circumstances in ensuring Access to Justice. He urged members in their individual capacities to make a viable contribution towards Access to Justice by standing up to violations of each other’s rights in order to ensure protection of the law for all. To the incoming Board, Hon. Justice Remmy Kasule put them to task to ensure that they are alive to enhancing Access to Justice for all. Finally, he underscored the importance of focusing not only on public interest litigation but also on private litigation.

LASPNET greatly appreciates its members for turning up in big numbers and exercising their right to vote at the 11th AGM together with our Development Partners (DGF) for generously facilitating the AGM.

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