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To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.

Internal Policies

Our Institutional Policies are meant to provide  a  comprehensive  description  of  LASPNET’s  strategic work mechanisms and procedures that guide the organizations operating systems. They guide all staff, organs and members involved in the day to day running of the Network. They also are intended to provide the checks and balances expected to enhance confidence of members, donors and other stakeholders of LASPNET in its various undertakings.


Created Date Thursday, 21 August 2014
Modified Date Tuesday, 26 August 2014
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LASPNET Financial Manual 2014

The LASPNET Financial Manual provides  a  comprehensive  description  of  LASPNET’s  finance and  accounting  policies  as  well as
procedures  that  guide  the  organisation  of  accounting  functions  and  operating  systems.  It  shall  guide  all  the LASPNET staff, Organs and Members involved in the day-to-day running of the Network. On the other hand, it is also intended to provide the required checks and balances that are expected to enhance LASPNET’s  ability to prepare  comprehensive, accurate, and reliable financial and operating reports in order to build the confidence of its Members, donors and other stakeholder's in its various undertakings.
It contains finance and accounting procedures adopted and used by LASPNET to guide the following:

  •  Recording of all financial transactions
  •  Monitoring and control of expenditure
  •  Satisfying the reporting requirements of the Secretariat
  •  Providing timely and accurate financial and management reporting
  •  Serving  as a reference material for staff in the performance of accounting tasks and as a training document for Accounts staff
  •  Serving  as a reference for auditors, consultants,  and donors who want to understand as well as evaluate LASPNET’s finance and accounting system

Management shall select accounting policies so that the financial statements comply with the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and the terms of the agreements between  LASPNET and its partners/donors/financiers.

The  objective and purpose of this Manual is to amend all previous  LASPNET  Financial Rules and  Regulations and to give the Executive Director  comprehensive direction and authority to implement policies,  methods and approaches  which  will  ensure  transparency, integrity,  and  value  for  money  in  all  financial  transactions  of LASPNET.  Risk management, reasonable,  and due diligence shall be given attention in all financial transactions and dealings of LASPNET.

This Manual rather than seeking to amend the existing financial policies and procedures seeks  to overhaul  and recommend that the existing financial policies and procedures  are repealed and replaced with the provisions of this Manual following hereunder.

The  primary  and  ultimate  responsibility  for  the  establishment  and  maintenance  of  this  Manual  rests  with  the Board  which delegates the  Committee  of Finance and  ICT Systems  since their responsibilities require them to provide  assurance regarding  utilisation of the  organisation’s  resources to  LASPNET  Members, Government of the Republic of Uganda, Development Partners/Donors and other stakeholders. However, the implementation and operative use of the Manual is a responsibility of all LASPNET Staff since they are required and expected to produce information used in strengthening the  Manual  and/or take other actions
needed to effect control. All the employees of LASPNET are responsible for communicating identified operational problems, deviations from established standards, and violations of policy or laws pertaining to this Manual.

Created Date Thursday, 21 August 2014
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LASPNET Human Resource and Administration Manual

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