Our Mandate

To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.


According to LASPNET's Human Resource Policy, an Intern is a student or graduate hired for the sole purpose of gaining practical experience. Interns are not entitled to salary or other benefits, but may receive applicable work-enabling allowances as stipulated in the manual. Where LASPNET receives requests to develop the skills of Employees and students from various institutions, it may engage interns on the job training on such terms as may be decided by the Executive Director.

The tenure of an Intern shall not exceed six calendar months. However, should circumstances necessitate, the tenure of an Intern can be renewed for a period not exceeding two additional calendar months by the ED.The relevant line manager shall assess the viability of an internship extension by conducting a performance appraisal prior to any extension.

LASPNET invites candidates both law and non-law students to apply for internships in our various fields as may be suitable. Simply fill the fields below and send a copy to our email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. (An internship application form will be uploaded soon to ease application)



Fields to be filled:

1. Name of Internship applied for

2. Name of Applicant

3. School Address

4. Applicant's permanent address

5. School telephone number

6. Applicant's Mobile number

7. Applicant's email address

8. Dates available to perform internship

9. If you do not receive an internship at LASPNET secretariat would you accept to be given an internship placement to any of our member organizations? If so where? (Please be advised that we have members in the regions. Refer to the membership organization section)

10. Why would you like to be granted internship at LASPNET?



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