Our Mandate

To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.


This category includes Research and Study reports, Mid-Term Review Reports, Annual Reports, Baseline Reports, Workshop reports and other reports.

These reports are a consolidated work and efforts of the Secretariat, the membership, partners, consultants and the entire stakeholders. They are weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual reports which the network embarks on in its operations.


Research and Study Reports

One of LASPNET's programms is research and advocacy. A number of research reports have been developed and continue to be developed by  the membership, the LASPNET secretariat, as well as partnerships in their different categories. LASPNET shares with you the reports on this page.


Annual Reports

LASPNET has embarked on a number of activities in the past to provide basis for strengthening coordination among legal aid service providers (LASPs) in Uganda in order to harness and sustain institutional synergies which support their capacity in complementing Government’s efforts for enhancing access to justice. These activities are reported annually and profiled in an annual report for each reporting period. We also receive member annual reports which we now share with you below.



Baseline reports

LASPNET conducts and continues to conduct baseline studies with  the  view  of undertaking  litigation  relevant  to  the  protection  of  the  vulnerable  members  of society. This  involves  reviewing  the  major  legal  framework  on legal aid and strategic impact litigation and most importantly understanding the  work of the various key actors in the sector.It  is  our  hope  that  these  surveys  will  guide our  future  work  and interventions  and also  help to  identify opportunities for collaboration on existing initiatives.

Mid-term Review reports

LASPNET conducts reviews with the help of consultants to assess the progress of the ”Coordination of Legal  Aid Service Providers  Project. The  activity seeks to provide strategic linkages and a collaboration framework for Legal Aid Service Providers (LASPs) and  support  a  common  front  to  interface  with  JLOS. The reviews are conducted to analyse progress of the Network and come up with emerging issues and to  enhance performance of the organization and inform future interventions by DGF and LASPNET

Other reports

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Laspnet Presentations

Workshop reports

LASPNET holds a number of workshops both internally and externally on matters of access to justice. Internally we organize workshops for members as well as partners and stakeholders on a number of activities. Externally we are invited to partner/ member workshops from which we generate reports for sharing with the wider stakeholders. We share with you these reports here in.

Strategic partners

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