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To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.


Hon. Justice Remmy Kasule, an honorary member of LASPNET and Chairperson of the Uganda Law Council re-affirmed the place of legal aid in the Access to Justice arena given its positive contribution to uplifting the plight of the voiceless. This was during the handover ceremony for the new LASPNET Board of Directors held at Country Lake Resort Hotel in Garuga on 23rd November 2018

Legal Aid is an important sector of the growing legal regime that allows us to take the law to the ordinary person, its not necessarily one limited to qualified lawyers but one that is based on commitment towards fellow Ugandans and human beings”.  Hon. Justice Remmy Kasule

He appreciated the outgoing Board led by Mr. Samuel Herbert Nsubuga for the work well done noting that they had left a challenge to succeeding Board of Directors in serving the Network with commitment and honesty in utilization of resources but urged them to continue associating with the membership so that others can tap into their ‘well of wisdom’ to carry the work of the organization forward.

His Lordship urged the incoming Board to be proactive in order to respond to cases where victims of injustices are unable to seek help. Furthermore, he recommended continuously benchmarking from other countries like Malawi with a well-developed legal aid system to improve legal aid service in the Uganda.

 He laid emphasis on the importance of having paralegals at different serving points in the justice system because of their ability to break down the intricacies of the law to the lay person. Justice Kasule also commended Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), European Union (EU), Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) and other partners for their contribution towards enhancing Access to Justice but encouraged the Network to consistently pursue other partners because the struggle continues. He appreciated the Secretariat staff  for their commitment to the cause and given their regular interface with legal aid clients, they were reminded to remain independent, and honest  about the  likelihood of their complaints/cases succeeding in the formal or information dispute handling mechanisms or not to avoid their frustration.


Mr. Samuel Nsubuga, the outgoing Board Chairperson acknowledged the support of members and the Secretariat team which had eased their tenure and noted that the Network was now much stronger having evolved from partnering with just one to several donors.

In her acceptance speech, Ms. Sandra Oryema, the incoming Board Chairperson expressed her gratitude towards the membership for entrusting her with the opportunity to serve the network. She acknowledged the leadership and guidance of the outgoing Board and pledged the commitment of the new team to carry forward the mission and vision of LASPNET.

Ms. Theo Webale who spoke on behalf of honorary members applauded all past Boards for carrying the network from just three members to now fifty-four. She called on fellow honorary members to continue committing time to support the new Board whenever called upon especially on fundraising. In line with this, she commended the network for continuing to attract donors at a time when many organizations were losing them.

The handover ceremony was attended by both new and outgoing Board members, honorary member,Facilitators and Secretariat staff. Other notable honorary members present were: Mr. Musa Modoi, Technical Advisor Human Rights at JLOS; and Mr. Aaron Besigye, the National Coordinator Justice Centers Uganda.

It was preceded by a two-day induction of the new Board led by Promise Consult International who took them through cooperate governance principles and their oversight role and targets for their term of office as key elements of organizational performance.


The event was crowned by a networking reception and dance to celebrate the transition from the old to the new Board


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